OG Wellness Medica 2018

2018/11/18 (Sun) 23:30 | Motion Design

Brand Concept video of OG Wellness, which was screened at an international medical device exhibition “Medica 2018” held in Dusseldorf, Germany, from November 12 to 15, 2018.

Body – Spirit
Western medicine – Oriental wisdom
Human Data-Driven and Ortho Somatics

Two relationships that lead to performance embedded in the body.
Design Innovation achieves this fusion.
A concept video depicting the New Era of OG Wellness.

2018年11月12日から15日にかけてドイツ ドュッセルドルフ市で開催された国際医療機器展示会 “Medica 2018” で上映されたOG Wellness社のコンセプトビデオ。

Human Data Driven (ヒューマン・データ・ドリブン)とOrtho Somatics (オルソ・ソマティック)

その融合を、Design Innovationが達成する。
OG Wellnessの新時代 New Era を描き出すコンセプトビデオ。

Collaboration with Julie Salgues, Bunpei Kunimoto, and Modeste Dela Nzapassara
Music composed by Junichi Oguro
Directed by Takeo Hatai

Client: OG Wellness inc (Jp)
Agency: Knotz, VOICE AND VIEBS
Production: Le pivot
Special Thanks: Coco-Mat, Wellcome Collection, Studio Modern