Olympic 2008 / Adidas Sport in Art Exhibition

2008/03/10 (Mon) 15:57 | Motion Design

The art piece for the exhibition “Sport in Art”.
This exhibition was held in parallel in the Olympic games in 2008, sponsored by Adidas.
This exhibition held 7 museums and art center in China during the Olympics games.

Client : Adidas(Ch)
Co-production : Adidas, Opera Gallery, Talents, Le pivot
Director : Takeo Hatai
Sound Artist : Junichi Oguro

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In Conclusion (The extract from an exhibition catalog)

As a tribute to China, the host country of the Olympic Games and of this exhibition, sponsored by Adidas, a great many artists have created works with references to the Chinese, symbols of the symbiosis and harmony between universal energy and human energy, but also a symbol of the continuation of energy in the human body.

One of the there artists, the Japanese Takeo Hatai has made one of the most beautiful, or in any case, one of the most moving projects for the current exhibition.
Indeed we could describe his work as a kind of synthesis of the exhibition itself, on the one hand, because of his visual sense that is spare, meticulous, diversified, inspired and deeply meditative, and on the other hand because the artist has devoted her work to question of the permanency of energy in the athlete’s body.

In terms of energy, the parallel between the artist and the sportsman is so obvious that many artists maintain that energy in athlete’s bodies has neither beginning nor end.

Energy came into existence at the birth of the universe and returned as a derivation of stardust called “human being”.

A way of saying that a work of art is only alive if it lives in the minds of those who look at it. In any case, as long as the viewer feels that the artwork is fuelled by the same energies that also work on him and on his physical body, he necessarily feels a strong link between both himself and the work.

In such a case, the exhibition and the works of art shown there will last for as long as possible, all the while testifying equally to the diversity and richness, as well as to the genuine complexity, of the world itself.

Ante Glibota September 2007
Historian of Art and Architecture
Titular Member of the European Academy of Science, Art and Humanities