Dreaming DJ

2010/01/09 (Sat) 21:52 | Motion Design

Original Short Clip.
Mr. cloud always hides himself and peeps the party in the village.
He is wishing that he participates in the party.
He knows which way the wind blows ‘boom’ well.

In the village, there is DJ of baldness not bright and fat.
His country style is loved by everyone.
But He is yearning to the groovy sound and Afro hairstyle as Black music.

A certain day, Mr. cloud tells DJ the truth.
DJ is interested in the softness of the cloud as Afro.

They agree, and make a party go by the novel style.
DJ put on Mr. cloud to the baldness head. Yhaaaa, It’s Afro style.

Production, Computer Graphics: Le pvivot
Director: Takeo Hatai
Animation: Yohei Wada, Stephen Vuillemin
Sound Design: Junichi Oguro

Making of Dreaming dj