Psst!3 Alter Ego

2009/05/08 (Fri) 22:47 | Motion Design

Original short animation @ Psst!3 project.
Two girls in a girl.
Punk spirit in neat Alice. It is a pure mind that is out of control.
A boat carrying two Alices jumps out of the various teatime pots.
They get a feeling that recognizes and harmonizes with each other.

Producer : Bran Dougherty-Johnson(Us)
Production : Le pivot
Director : Takeo Hatai
Link : Full story of Alter Ego Dark Destiny The End

Making of PSST!3 Alter Ego

We have redesigned the traditional beautiful design from UK in a graphical pattern.
Background and many of the elements was drawn in a plane on the Illustrator.
We have composite 3D shadow and reflection to background plane.
Girl and teacher, They has two forms(Classic model and Punk model) that are integrated into a single rigging model.
Violin is deformed smoothly on Fling V guitar, But Piano can’t change to drums…